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Ultrasonic Flowmeter DUC

Ultrasonic Flowmeter DUC

DUC uses the effect of acceleration and decelaration of acoustic signals travelling in a moving fluid. Two ultrasonic clamp on transducers are mounted (from outside) on a pipe and produce an acoustic path. The transducers send and receive acoustic signals and the transit times t1 and t2 are measured by an electronic flow transmitter. The signal from transducer A towards transducer B is accelerated by the flow (short t1). The return signal from transducer B to transducer A is decelerated by the flow (longer t2). The difference between t1 and t2 together with the path length L can be used to determine the average flow velocity. This principle is known as the acoustic time-of-flight principle. The flow is calculated from the geometry data of the pipe and the flow velocity.

Features & Benefits

  • Clear text based user interface with LED backlight QVGA display
  • User interface control with 6 soft buttons
  • Quick-Mount-System with space bar for ultrasonic transducers 1 MHz and 2 MHz
  • AFC compensation algorithm: compensates influences of changing media temperatures to the ultrasonic transducer distance
  • Reynolds compensation: compensates influences of media viscosity on the ultrasonic measurement
  • Ultrasonic transducers AND technology: reducing signal echoes and dispersion effects and having a positive effect on the signal to noise ratio
  • 2 channel operation (only with stationary transmitter)

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