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Bump Test Calibration Gases

Bump test / Calibration Gases

APC Techsafe supplies a vast range of calibration and bump test gases. Bump testing is crucial for confirming the ongoing operation of your gas monitor. 

A bump test exposes the detector to a gas concentration that exceeds the alarm set-points to confirm the sensor’s ability to respond and verify that the audible and visual alarms are activated. 

Frequent bump testing is consistent with industry best practices and recommended to be performed each day before use. 
Linear drift, contamination, consumption of an electrochemical cell or simply a blocked filter may result in a failed bump test. If the readings fall outside of the specified value for a bump test then a recalibration is required. 

Other events that should prompt a bump test may include:
  • If there is doubt whether the gas detector sensors are functioning properly
  • If a sensor has been subjected to a concentration of gas that exceeds the measuring range
  • If a combustible gas sensor has been exposed to a known poison or inhibitor (eg silicone sprays, brake cleaners, high sulphide levels)
  • If a detector has been subjected to abnormal physical shock or damage


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APC Techsafe is the market leader in the supply, service, calibration, training and support of gas detection equipment in New Zealand with over 30 years experience bringing the latest technologies to market. APC Techsafe can also provide onsite services nationwide via a fleet of mobile service vehicles.

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