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Full Metal Variable Area Flowmeter / counter BGN - High Pressure

Full Metal Variable Area Flowmeter / counter BGN - High Pressure

The fluid flows from bottom to top through the meter tube of the flowmeter. The float is lifted until an annular gap between the meter ring and the cone-shaped float is produced which corresponds to the flow. The forces acting on the float are in equilibrium. The forces that are mainly acting on the float comprise buoyancy according to the principle of Archimedes, the flow force of the medium and the weight force. Each position of the float corresponds to a flow value measured during calibration, which is transferred to a scale.

Features & Benefits

  • A large spectrum of wetted materials
  • Magneto-resistive signal transmission
  • Gas or liquid damping (option)
  • Special design for high-pressure and high-temperature applications
  • Excellent heat tracing technology (option)
  • Double eddy current damping (special version)
  • Self draining (special version)
  • Backflow stop (special version)
  • Flow Controller (special version)

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